The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

SDAB Launches New Website

Since SDAB took over tyre recycling in Sweden on 1 January 2023, much has happened to change the face of Swedish tyre recycling

New facilities have been built, IT systems for the collection of worn-out tyres have been implemented, showrooms have been established, artistic collaborations have been developed, and a completely new focus on creating value has begun to be realised. Updating the website was a natural step to communicate all these new and existing efforts.

“Our ambition was to find a balance between a website that stands out and feels unexpected for our industry, while also sparking curiosity and interest in visitors, regardless of their previous experience in the field. With a topic as extensive as tyre recycling, it was important to create a primary communication channel that conveys information clearly and simply, without compromising on aesthetics,” says Frida Grunewald, Communications Manager at SDAB.

The new website provides the opportunity to learn more about tyre recycling both nationally and internationally, producer responsibility, tyre recycling facilities around Sweden, the material’s properties and applications, how to submit worn-out producer responsibility tyres, environmental and sustainability work, design and art collaborations, and much more. Please note that the website is currently in Swedish, but a translation will be considered in the autumn.