The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Shred-Tech Corp. Acquires CM Shredders

Shred-Tech Corp., a leading manufacturer of industrial shredding & recycling solutions, has announced the acquisition of CM Shredders, LLC by its parent company The Heico Companies

This strategic move is a significant step forward in enhancing Shred-Tech’s product portfolio, extending its global reach, and fortifying its North American manufacturing capabilities.

CM Shredders is a recognised leader in the tyre recycling industry. Headquartered in Sarasota, FL, USA, CM has a history of innovation and a strong market presence.

The acquisition of CM Shredders aligns with Shred-Tech’s commitment to deliver cutting-edge solutions for solid waste reduction in the recycling industry. This strategic integration will bolster Shred-Tech’s product portfolio, offering customers a more comprehensive suite of primary, secondary, and tertiary size reduction and material destruction systems.

With the acquisition of CM Shredders, Shred-Tech is poised to expand its global footprint. CM Shredders‘ established presence in tyre recycling and key global markets like Asia and the Middle East will provide Shred-Tech with access to a broader customer base.

The combined strengths of Shred-Tech and CM Shredders in manufacturing will bolster efficiency, scale, and agility, especially following the recent manufacturing capability expansion at the Shred-Tech Thailand facility. This synergy is expected to drive operational excellence, further positioning the merged entity as a leader in the industry.

The strategic acquisition enhancesthe company’s competitiveness in the marketplace. By combining resources, engineering expertise, and manufacturing capabilities, the expanded entity is better positioned to meet the evolving needs of clients and respond effectively to industry challenges.

President Romel R. Reddi said; “We are excited to bring the CM Shredders team into the Shred-Tech family. We are eager to accelerate our growth in the Industrial Shredding Systems world. Our combined product lines will greatly diversify the recycling streams and customers we can support.”