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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

SLTC Announces Rubber Asphalt Committee

The Sociedad Latinoamericana de Tecnología del Caucho (SLTC) has unveiled another sub-committee from its newly formed Recycling Committee. This time the members of the Rubber Asphalt Sub-Committee were announced in a communication via its LinkedIn channel.

Rubber Asphalt Sub-Committee Starts Work

The Rubber Asphalt sub-committee consists of 5 individuals from 4 countries: Spain, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.  Hugo Gerardo Botasso is the first member of the committee hailing from Argentina and is the Director of the Road Safety Research Centre in speciality asphalt and road technology at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in La Plata, Argentina. Hugo is also a Professor in Masters and Doctorates relating to road technology as well as being an advisor to science and technology commissions in Latin America.

Secondly, Luis Alfonso de León Alonso is also a part of the committee and is the Technical Director of CIRTEC in Spain and also acts as an assessor and independent consultant. Luis is joined by Leticia Saiz Rodríguez from Spain who is the Development and Innovation Director from Signus. Luis and Leticia are both co-authors of the document, “20 years of asphalt mixtures using rubber dust in Spanish Motorways”.

Rafael Hernán Muñoz Giraldo is a consultant in rubber tyre recycling from Colombia and is a plenary member of the SLTC. He is joined by Héctor Rioja Vasquez who is a motorway consultant and a specialist in asphalt pavements in Chile.

According to the SLTC the main objectives of the sub-committee are the following:

  • Investigate and analyse the causes and contexts that lead to the low percentage use of asphalt rubber mixtures in the studied countries
  • Promote the use of these mixtures based on all the studies and the successful projects that have already been carried out in the Ibero-American region that prove their viability.
  • Serve as an advisory asphalt companies, administrations and road and highway associations that wish to incorporate asphalt-rubber mixtures throughout the region.