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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

T-Phite Visits London

SustrendLab, the Chilean laboratory that created T-Phite has been exercising itself promoting the concept and the technology around the world

The latest exhibition to promote T-Phite took place at MOVE, held at London’s Excel Centre, on June 21st and 22nd.

T-Phite was represented by Dario Andreani and Barnadita Diaz who were responsible for the development of T-Phite at the SustrendLab Laboratory, part of the Chilean business group Dosander.

Diaz was keen to emphasise that T-Phite was the result of the tremendous work that has been done by the teams of Sustrend Technical Consulting, SustrendLab and T-Phite.

T-Phite is the first graphitic material that can be used in the anodes of both Lithium and Sodium batteries, coming from waste tyres.

Regarding the London exhibition, Diaz explained; “First, we were invited by the MOVE organisation, where they gave us a space in the Start-Up area, where they select the Start-Ups to present their projects. MOVE is the meeting place for the entire mobility community. Move is the opportunity to influence the direction of urban mobility globally.

The people who went on behalf of SustrendLab were Dario Andreani and myself, the two co-founders of SustrendLab. Dario supports the whole commercial area and I, the commercial and technical areas.”

The success of attendance at exhibitions is always difficult to assess until after the event and time has been allowed to follow up leads and contacts. So, the question then is, was the event purposeful for T-Phite?

Diaz says; “Our main objective was to show our innovation to the world. We knew that our project has an impact in Chile, but we wanted to know the world’s perception of electromobility.

“Our expectations were really exceeded, in the two years that we have coordinated meetings with Venture Capital in Chile, we have generated no more than three meetings. And from those two days we were there, we generated meetings with more than 15 Venture Capitalists, from the United States, Europe, Japan and India.

“We found out that there really is a huge ecosystem of innovation in electromobility issues, there was a lot of interest in our project, in fact, the manager of BMW Start Up Garage came to our booth.

“We are now really convinced that our T-Phite was valued abroad, it was the first time we went out to the world, and we really believe that a sea of opportunities opened for us.”