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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tyre Plant for Tasmania?

Tasmanian entrepreneur Tim Chugg, who previously traded as Tyre Recycle Tasmania, is coming around for a second attempt at setting up a tyre plant with a new company, aptly entitles Pheonix Rubber. Planning has been submitted to the City of Launceston.

Mr Chugg hopes to establish a facility to apply a “sustainable” approach to disposing of end-of-life tyres by converting them into a resource which could be re-purposed.

The facility would fix the state’s tyre issues

“We’re confident we’ll be the first one (state) in Australia to fully control our scrap tyre problems,” Chugg said.

“We think that is very exciting. Not only for the tyre industry but for the state as a whole as far as sorting out a large environmental issue.”

The proposal would allow tyres to be shredded and crumbed, and a moulding facility to be built. The tyres could be reused in road bases, play equipment, and other civil engineering applications.

The facility is expected to cost about $3.5 million and create 10 jobs.

Tasmanian Conservation Trust’s Peter McGlone says the site is inappropriate because of its proximity to an aged care facility, school and creche.

“The proposed facility at Mowbray should not be permitted by City of Launceston as it is too close to residences and places where vulnerable people are located,” McGlone said.

But, Chugg claimed that the proposed site was “the perfect location”.

“The site is surrounded by a sawmill, road resurfacing plant and a waste management centre,” he said.

“The facility is a closed-loop circuit and there are no omissions from the plant, so I’m not sure what they’re concerned about.”