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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tyrewise Starts Trials and Registration

New Zealand’s Tyrewise has started the process of trailing its Stewardship operation

Following on from last week’s announcement that Tyrewise will begin operating in late 2023, Tyrewise is now focusing its work on the four-month trial to be run from Hawke’s Bay and starting the registration process for participants.

Participants in the Tyrewise scheme (tyre and vehicle importers, generators, retailers, transporters, processors, collection points and manufacturers) will need to be registered by the time the scheme launches.

Tyrewise will be making contact with everyone who has already identified themselves to the scheme over the past few years and making time to visit their site(s). 

The visits are to ensure that operators understand fully their requirements for compliance and what information Tyrewise will require from the tyre sector.

There are guides that outline the information to be discussed.

Tyrewise says that anyone with any questions regarding how the scheme will work should contact Trevor Tutt.