The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Velorim Lays out Recycling Plans

The cycling press has been full of stories about an EPR scheme for bicycle tyres. The reality is that whilst bicycle tyres are being considered as a subject for an EPR scheme. The realisation of any EPR scheme is some way off at this stage.

Velorim Plans Nationwide Recycling System

According to UK firm Velorim, that is somewhere around 30.5M bicycle tyres and 152.5M butyl inner tubes. Most of which end up in landfill. A volume of around 44,000 tons per annum going to waste.

Richard Lawrence at Velorim, a company established to deal with bicycle tyre arisings explained Velorim’s position; “We are establishing a national network of collection points to recover bicycle tyres and tubes. We will have collection points at retailers and bike shops throughout the UK.  We advise the shops to charge 50p per tyre and 20p per tube collected. There has been a mixed response, but most are keen to join the network. Some will show a recycling fee, some will just absorb it into their process. We are not concerned how they deal with the fees.

“We will collect on an agreed basis, either weekly, monthly, or even on an ad-hoc basis. Velorim will charge £90 per bag of bicycle tyres and £20 per bag of tubes – they must be kept separate. There should be 150-180 tyres in a bag and 180 – 200 tubes.

“Velorim hopes to be in a position to meet any future needs for a bicycle tyre EPR scheme. Bicycle tyres are recognised as an environmental issue in the latest Environmental White Paper, and the government is looking at introducing EPR schemes across a range of waste sectors. We plan to be prepared to meet the need to recycle bicycle tyres and be in a position to play a part in any future EPR scheme.”