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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Wastefront Plant For Sunderland

Following on from TRR’s Wastefront Podcast, Wastefront takes another step in Sunderland

Wastefront Announces Sunderland Plant

The Norwegian waste tyre recycling company Wastefront and Sunderland City Council have signed a deal to build the UK’s latest waste tyre recycling plant in the Port of Sunderland.

The plant will convert locally-sourced End-of-Life Tyre (ELT) waste into useful commodities, including liquid hydrocarbons and pyrolysis black, which can then be reutilised in processes such as alternative fuel or rubber compounding.

Construction of the plant is set to begin in 2021, expecting to generate around 100construction jobs in the region and, once fully up and running in the second half of 2022, the plant will employ up to 30 people full time.

The full-scale plant will have a daily capacity to process 180 tonnes of ELT waste, and to produce 60 tonnes of pyrolysis black per day (the chemical building block in many products such as tyres and plastics, water filtration, printer ink, paint, and even toothpaste and cosmetics).

 Wastefront’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Co-Founder, Christian A. Hvamstad is an alumnus of University of Sunderland.