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Footwear made entirely with materials from recycling end-of-life tyres

CONICA announces the appointment of a Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental Engineer

Dam operator fined $501,000 for polluting Puyallup River with artificial turf

An all weather sports field has opened for the US garrison in Wiesbaden


As if crumb rubber infill didn’t have enough problems - now fire is an issue. Read more about the fire on Tyre & Rubber Recycling

Bunting continues to expand its European operations through the expansion of its Redditch headquarters

Sustrendlab plans to raise USD 5m to bolster production of lithium-ion batteries. Read more about Sustrend on Tyre & Rubber Recycling

Michelin uses Enviro rCB for its sustainable racing tyre. Discover more about Enviro and Michelin in a few clicks.

When a tyre no longer guarantees safe and efficient performance to a vehicle, it becomes waste. It must therefore be collected for recovery and recycling, which takes place in special plants. 

Enviro start consultation regarding plant in West Sweden. Read more about Enviro on the Tyre & Rubber Recycling website.

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