The Tyre Recycling Podcast

Episode 29 in The TyreRecycling Podcast sees the return of Tony Wibbeler, the CEO and Founder of Bolder Industries as he gives our readers and listeners a thorough update on the activities of Bolder Industries in the last 12 months.

Episode 28 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast takes a turn away from our usual interview style podcast, as we have a deeper discussion into the Michelin/Bridgestone recovered carbon black (rCB) call to action.

Episode 27 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast is now live on Youtube and our audio platforms. This time out we welcomed R&D Director from Recykl Organizacja Odzysku S.A., Przemyslaw Zaprzalski.

Following the recent retirement of Ecopneus’s previous Managing Director Giovanni Corbetta, Editor of Tyre & Rubber Recycling Ewan Scott arranged an interview with the new incumbent of the Managing Director’s office at Ecopnues, Federico Dossena.

Emanuel Bertalot, the Director of the Recycling Committee for the SLTC appeared in Episode 25 on the Tyre Recycling Podcast as he was interviewed by Tyre & Rubber Recycling Correspondent, Richard Wilson.

Tyre and Rubber Recycling interviews Tinna Rubber's Guarav Sekhri in Episode 24 of the Tyre Recycling Podcast. Sekhri talks about micronised rubber powder, rubberised asphalt and the forthcoming Indian EPR scheme.

In Episode 23 of the Tyre Recycling Podcast​ we speak with Thomas Sörensson from Scandinavian Enviro Systems about the next step along the road in the company’s success story.

Episode 22 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast features an insightful interview with Brad Swenson and Andres Salazar from Eco Green Equipment. The two sat down with Ewan Scott to discuss their company's work and role in tyre recycling in multiple areas.

In Podcast 21 we talk with Jon Visiasouk from Tyromer in Canada and Jos van Son, Managing Director of Tyromer Europe;s latest devulcanisation project based in Arnhem. A project that could be a game changer for tyre recycling and the devulcanising sector in Europe.

Tyre & Rubber Recycling contributor Ewan Scott sits down with Ecopneus CEO Giovanni Corbetta in Episode 20 of the Tyre Recycling Podcast. Rubberised asphalt is the focal point, as the two discuss the development of this sustainable practice in Italy.

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