The Tyre Recycling Podcast

As Untha returns to the tyre shredding market with its XR3000 single shaft series primary shredders, The Tyre Recycling Podcast talked with UK Sales Director Gary Moore

Pyrum Innovations were the latest guests on The Tyre Recycling Podcast as CEO, Pascal Klein and the Sales Agent in Luxembourg and the UK, Martin Herneman joined the show.

KJ Lee is the latest guest on The Tyre Recycling Podcast and he spoke about Lee Tyre and Oil Sdn Bhd's tyre pyrolysis project.

Mike Graveman, the European Sales Agent for Granutech Saturn Systems was the latest protagonist on The Tyre Recycling Podcast.

Tyre Reycling Podcast has wheeled out Episode 11 with the Managing Director of Modern Advanced Polymers George Kassab

Jens Elton Andersen the CEO of Windspace and Álvaro Silva the Project Manager at Elysium Nordic joined Ewan Scott in Episode 10 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast to discuss their latest pyrolysis project in Denmark.


UK Rubber Ltd. has plans to dominate the Scottish tyre recycling sector with a 62K ton plant in Motherwell

Episode 8 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast is live on our YouTube channel now

In this Expert Witness Podcast, the TRA’s Peter Taylor says recycling issues in the UK lie with the lack of enforcement by government and the EA.

The Tyre Recycling Podcast reaches Episode 6 as Ewan Scott landed an interview with Ethan Law from Ecobex.

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