Government & Legislation News

Five legally binding principles will guide the UK's future policymaking to protect the environment

Shiban tyre recycling factory exports tyre recyclates and is held up as a champion of local SME projects

Uruguay leading the way in tyre recycling in South America with GENEU.


EuRIC reaffirms its commitment to the objectives of the circular economy and calls upon the commission to support continued use of granular infill made from recycled tyres

In late February 2021, Queensland Department of Environment and Science released the amended End of Waste Code for end-of-life tyres to include tyres used for silage storage, which deemed tyres as a resource instead of a waste product.

Canadian devulcanisation start-up turns old tyres into new tyres in the Netherlands

Germany’s ZARE network discusses the latest challenges as it grows to give countrywide cover

South Lakeland District Council are seeking information regarding illegal waste dumping, including tyres

Bradford politicians demand investigation into the Bradford tyre fire and the Environment Agency’s lack of action

One of the most challenging issues in recycling tyres in Australia is the logistical difficulties created by distances from arising point to recycling point. This is no more so the case than in Western Australia, where mining tyres have become a growing liability over the past years.

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