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A Landowner has foot the bill for clearing a tyre dump, as Natural Resources Wales forced the individual to clear the site at his own expense.


BIR updates its Internet presence to improve communications with industry and government. The site now has enhanced navigation for mobile devices.

India’s NGT acts to have pyrolysis processes assessed for environmental impact. Batch processes to come under scrutiny in the next four months.

India’s National Green Tribunal has said that the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)’s report on pyrolysis units needs to be reviewed.

China has moved to tackle the rising challenge of used tyres with the Government drafting new regulations to encourage recycling.


Irish tyre management scheme shows success, but an independent audit makes recommendations for improvement

Sungai Kim Kim Pollution Case is now in court. Expert witnesses are being questioned on the grade of waste

Pirelli asks for tighter controls on tyre imports in Australia. It also seeks better support for recycling.

Punjab starts to clean up the environment as smog issues plague the country. Ministers urge a hard and urgent clampdown on emissions.

Tyre dealers in Ivory Coast must self-regulate or face a ban on their operations. They must act to clear up the city streets which have become tyre dumps.

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