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Treatment Neumáticos Usados, S.L. (TNU), One of the tyre collection agencies in Spain, has prepared a few tips for an ‘Ecological Driving’.


From September, Reifen Külshammer from Lachendorf in Lower Saxony will be a new partner of the ZARE initiative. The certified waste management company is the 18th partner of the initiative and the first company from the greater Hanover area in Lower Saxony. "We are pleased that we can add another competent partner to our ranks with Reifen Külshammer," emphasised Christina Guth from the ZARE initiative.


Germany is one of the countries with a legal requirement to fit winter tyres.  It is worth noting that a visitor without winter tyres on their car will not be prosecuted unless they become involved in causing an accident or traffic jam because of improper tyres.


Changes to Export Rules:  UK export rules change, and India may be stopping baled imports

KB Industries looks at enhanced opportunities as a result of CalRecycle programmes

Mosquito agency misses opportunity to acquire tyre shredder

Malaysia’s Rimbun Dahan Turtle Hatchery is under threat from erosion. The sanctuary, established by Pak Su Cherating, who died in 2018, is facing a crisis.

Australia’s National Waste Recycling Industry Council says that Stewardship Schemes need enforcement

Western Australian Authorities have warned land and property owners about a scam in which thousands of old tyres were illegally dumped at leased properties, leaving one victim with a huge clean-up bill.

Around the world the story is the same, the criminals, the lowlifes, the gangsters use waste as a lucrative source of income to fund their lifestyles. We see it in the USA – there is an ongoing trial in California.

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