Government & Legislation News

Germany launches an online forum for tyre recycling development

Libya steps up tyre recycling efforts with a new plant in Benghazi

Divers in a British Columbia town fear that dumped tyres are threatening the existence of local crabs

Indian Court releases baled tyres despite flawed document description

Confusion over Exempt sites allowances in England and Wales – The EA responds unequivocally

An indictment by a California Grand Jury has seen a case brought against five men accused of a tax fraud surrounding the import and export of plastics and used tyres.

A Latvian business has proposed to use old tyres to build a feature at his leisure park, but the authorities are not so keen

Australian case exemplifies how illegal tyre collection is operated – it seems to be a common practice amongst crooks

Angered by fly tipping, a UK farmer took matters into his own hands

Spain extends tyre recovery laws to include earthmover and agricultural tyres

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