Government & Legislation News

Oxford County Council is looking at trialing rubberised asphalt to repair roads.

Dispute flares around waste tyre imports in India. Clicking on the link gives you access to this unique content and a whole lot more.

Mexico uses cement kilns for waste tyres but open burning persists in some areas.

Denmark to study tyre wear particles and artificial turf issues in microplastics project in am to reduce pollution and emissions

Ghana to stop open tyre burning and may introduce recycling rules. Discover more about tyre recycling in Ghana on our website.

At a recent gathering in Yellowknife, Dawn Tremblay, presented a paper on how Canada's North West Territory (NWT) handles waste.

REDISA cleared of financial wrongs by SA Supreme court.

IBAMA has opened a public consultation to discuss the collection and destination of used tyres.

In January two UK fly tipping incidents were reported. The first in Sunderland, involving 250 tyres. The second in Suffolk, where 500 tyres were dumped.

Qatar General Electricity and Water Corp (Kahramaa) represented by the Tarsheed, recently launched an initiative to create a culture of recycling.

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