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TANA mobile waste shredder gives Agon Pacific a foothold in Thailand's growing Waste-to-Energy market

SLTC's second Jornadas de Reciclaje is coming soon

Padel, basketball, tennis: the sport of the future is on recycled rubber

Bolder Industries aims for larger market share

South African student changes direction with tyre furniture

An article in The Arab Times states that the estimated 40 million used tyres that were moved from the Erhiya area in South Saad Al-Abdullah to the Salmi area will be recycled through the tyre recycling plant that aims to turn the used tyres into new environmentally friendly products.

In a story that almost harks back to that old Remington razor advert – It was so good that I bought the company. Ghana’s Robert Tetteh Coleman followed that model when he took an interest in artificial playing surfaces.

The rCB  for the new black masterbatch polymer from Rowa is obtained from old tyres via pyrolysis. With the black masterbatch Rowalid EcoPA-B095A Black rCB, Rowa Masterbatch, is presenting a sustainable product at Fakuma 2021.


Portugal’s Valorpneu sees growth in the first half of 2021

Enviro to promote its view on growing recycling in a Capital Markets Presentation

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