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Pyro One installs fully tested pyrolysis plant in Rotterdam for 2021 production

Rory Hughes, engineer at IRR wins a UK Lifetime Achievement Award

E-Cova moves on to the second stage of the Recircle Awards. 

The Futurmotive - Digital Expo and Conference saw the participation of thousands of operators. During the live streaming of this "automotive industry marathon", discussions centred on topics related to technological innovation, smart mobility and circular economy. 


Jamaican Government plans to introduce a tyre management scheme. You can read more about tyre recycling in Jamaica here.

ECHA makes proposal to ban crumb rubber infill with a six year transition period. Read about the proposed ban on Tyre & Rubber Recycling.

Last week, The Recircle Awards announced its Nominations Shortlist for the 2021 Recircle Awards delivered by Marangoni.


Recircle Awards gain credibility with equipment manufacturers as Eldan promotes its nomination

The event, scheduled for December 10th at 9.30 am, will take place in a virtual arena. Guests will discuss how technological innovation, smart mobility and circular economy will provide new impetus to the automotive industry. 


Growth in interest in tyre pyrolysis sees UK’s Tyre Recovery Association develop a Pyrolysis Sub Group

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