AZ-Métal offers a secure collection system for smaller tyre outlets

New material combines recycled concrete aggregate and rubber in a mix precisely optimised to meet road engineering safety standards

TRS develops another trade partnership, this time for an asphalt additive using recycled rubber. For more information on the tyre recycling industry click here.

The tyre recycling sector has become very much focused on high tech solutions, or capital heavy investment as a route to resolving waste tyre issues. Sometimes a simple solution can offer some effective first step recycling.


TANA offers short-term rental agreements on equipment. For the latest news in the tyre recycling industry, click here.

Bicycle tyre recycling scheme hopes to pre-empt EPR. Check out Velorim's plans on the Tyre & Rubber Recycling website.

Swiss company TRS SA concludes deal with Chinese firm to secure a strong position in the growing Chinese recycling sector

Natural rubber production likely to fall due to poor demand with the impact of Coronavirus continuing to be felt.


Australian-led research is developing an easy repair rubber and catalyst combo. Click here to discover more on the tyre recycling industry.

Mexican firm a3p has been turning old tyres into waterproofing membranes.


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