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ECHA makes proposal to ban crumb rubber infill with a six year transition period. Read about the proposed ban on Tyre & Rubber Recycling.

SIGNUS Introduces Tyre Tariffs for 2021 including 1,400mm plus sizes. Visit Tyre & Rubber Recycling to read more about SIGNUS

Recircle Awards gain credibility with equipment manufacturers as Eldan promotes its nomination

EuRIC Brochure on Mechanical Tyre Recycling highlighting its contribution towards circular economy. Read more on the Tyre & Rubber Recycling website.

ELDAN Recycling launches system for detection of foreign objects in tyre shreds

Growth in interest in tyre pyrolysis sees UK’s Tyre Recovery Association develop a Pyrolysis Sub Group

A tyre recycling factory in Perth has been destroyed by fire, with firefighters battling flames as high as 20 metres to extinguish the blaze.

USTMA, develops partnerships to assess knowledge on the environmental impact and benefits of rubber-modified asphalt

Ecolomondo releases its interim financial statements for Q3 2020 and provides projects update. Read more about Ecolomondo on Tyre & Rubber Recycling.

Has Prince Edward Island solved the problem of tyre recycling? Click here to read more on tyre recycling at Prince Edward Island.

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