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Tyre recycling rates fall in the USA according to USTMA Report

Mike Graveman, the European Sales Agent for Granutech Saturn Systems was the latest protagonist on The Tyre Recycling Podcast.

Aliapur looks for contractors for the nest term of its EPR scheme, handling 400,000tonnes of tyres per annum

Novel asphalt additive for better, safer and environment-friendly roads

The 2019/20 Annual Report for Tyre Stewardship Australia Limited is now available for download

Spanish sector shows a strong recycling sector in SIGNUS’ Annual Report

Italian Army signs deals for three projects with Ecopneus to use recycled rubber materials

Tyre Reycling Podcast has wheeled out Episode 11 with the Managing Director of Modern Advanced Polymers George Kassab

A Greater Manchester start-up company has launched the first of a range of products aimed at reducing wastage from vehicle tyres, supported by the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre’s (GEIC) ERDF Bridging the Gap program at The University of Manchester.


Hungary’s New Energy has signed an agreement to supply pyrolysis oil to BASF


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