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GDT adds to its management team with a highly experienced marketing specialist

China has moved to tackle the rising challenge of used tyres with the Government drafting new regulations to encourage recycling.


IRR Manufacturing has been getting a boost from its new website with Carlton Forest putting much-needed investment into the South African company.


Ukrainian startup brings microwave technology to tyre recycling. Ecotyre has created a portable tyre recycling plant.

Yet more ill-informed discussion on artificial turf. The Welsh Assembly discusses an emotive issue and faces calls for tighter controls of artificial sports surfaces

India acts to close down non-compliant pyrolysis plants. The action comes ahead of January 6th Ministerial meeting on tyre imports and recycling

Irish tyre management scheme shows success, but an independent audit makes recommendations for improvement

Speakers are starting to line-up for the Tyre Recycling Forum at The Tire 2020 -9th - 12th June. The Forum is growing in importance as the recycling sector develops links with the tyre manufacturers.

Sungai Kim Kim Pollution Case is now in court. Expert witnesses are being questioned on the grade of waste

ETRA looks at new market partnerships after 2020: Overcoming the Obstacles.

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