In this section, Tyre & Rubber Recycling report on the latest equipment to be brought in the tyre recycling industry

TANA mobile waste shredder gives Agon Pacific a foothold in Thailand's growing Waste-to-Energy market

Bunting’s Shredder Conveyer System  could have a place in tyre recycling

There are now 10 UNTHA shredders in operation at Lancashire Waste Recycling as the resource specialist encounters its highest level of demand yet. The investment also means the firm now has a larger UNTHA fleet than any other independent business in the UK.

CM Shredders Installs High-Capacity Automated Tyre Shredding System at SPSA Waste Solutions

Continental to use recycled PET bottles in tyres from 2022. Discover more about Continental's tyre recycling approach.

Eagle International has been known in the tyre recycling world for decades as a leading authority authority on hydraulic tyre shears and off-the-road (OTR) tyre downsizing. Now, Eagle has announced its first machine capable of producing rubber mulch. The Eagle Edge 360 is designed to remove high-quality mulch from the treads and sidewalls of OTR tyres ranging in sizes from 33-inch through 63-inch rim size.


Greentec 3R has announced the grand opening of a new tyre recycling plant, located in Villa Nueva, Guatemala.

The global drive towards sustainability has seen businesses continually looking for alternative fuel sources, resulting in an increase in rubber and plastic recycling across the UK.

Audi brings tyre wear particle solution closer through filtration

Bunting continues to expand its European operations through the expansion of its Redditch headquarters

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