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Pyrowave plastics recycling attracts investment from Michelin. Click on the preview to read the full article.

Fiji is continuing to have a issue with tyre disposal as burning remains a problem.


Mexican firm a3p has been turning old tyres into waterproofing membranes.


Enviro's Michelin deal lifts funds to 75M Swedish Krona

 Malta are asking questions about waste stockpiling in relation to tyres.

Organisers decide to cancel IFAT 2020 in the face of ongoing uncertainty over Coronavirus

Green Distillation Technologies claims progress in the US tyre recycling market

Valebridge Media Services (VMS), the Crewe, UK and Madrid, Spain-based media services agency is pleased to announce a partnership with Autopromotec regarding the launch of the first Recircle Awards on Thursday, May 27, 2021 during Autopromotec.

In a press release on the impact of Coronavirus on the recycling sector, the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) reported mixed impacts and challenges across all sectors.


Enviro enters agreement with Michelin that sees the project attain the goal sought by pyrolysis projects around the world; a tyre manufacturer partnership

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