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Carbon Black from car tyres becomes a possibility. Read more about tyre pyrolysis on Tyre & Rubber Recycling

Weibold Academy discusses modern batch pyrolysis. Read more about this article on Tyre & Rubber Recycling

Ten years of green strategy have seen over 2.2 million tons of End of Life Tyres treated by Ecopneus

Tyre and Rubber Recycling is the only global publication focusing on tyre recycling and we are rightly proud of our position and the lead that we take. However, we take our hats off to German YouTube video team Doc Bites, who run a series of investigative video clips examining environmental issues.

Carib Cement and Jamaican government sign MOU to dispose of used tyres. Discover more about the news on Tyre & Rubber Recycling

All change for tyre recycling in Sweden as SDAB takes control in 2023. Discover more about the story on Tyre & Rubber Recycling

2gBioPower say there are favourable conditions for tyre recovery with Enviro’s technology in the UK. Discover more on Tyre & Rubber Recycling. 

Audi brings tyre wear particle solution closer through filtration

Ecolomondo’s new Hawkesbury pyrolysis plant is ready to roll

New collection centre for Valorpneu in Portugal. Read the full story on Tyre & Rubber Recycling

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