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In Texas, unsightly piles of used and scrap tyres are increasingly being turned into fuel, or used as mulch in landscapes.

Pyrolyx A.G. has made of moves to shore up its developing U.S. operations ahead of relocating its HQ to Terre Haute, Ind.

The ARTIS SMG event gave attendees an insight into progress and challenges faced by the recycling sector.

Gulf Rubber and Autopro have rolled out 'Enviromat' made from recycled rubber to replace millions of paper mats used in car washes.

Vellco is continuing to thrive, as demand for local retreaded tyres continues to grow, according to figures obtained in 2018. 

The UK government has launched a series of consultations into waste management to cut plastic pollution and address other waste issues.

A recent study promoted by Ecopneus and Unione Italiani Sport Per Tutti (UISP) has been carried out by the Department of Veterinary Studies of the University of Perugia under the coordination of Professor Marco Pepe.

A recent legislative audit found that Utah’s tyre recycling programme, funded by a $1 fee on every new tyre sold, may be falling short of its goals.

Since January 2019, RecyBEM has certified 20 tyre collection companies. The certification lasts until the end of 2021. These companies will ensure the structured and efficient collection of used car tyres from the replacement market in the Netherlands.

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and Zero Waste Scotland are joining forces to motivate the construction sector to reduce construction waste

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