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Growth at Prism Worldwide adds to output and attracts capital investment for expansion

Tyre recycling may not be the first thing that we think of when we consider Ecuador, but the reality is that any country that has a transport system will have a tyre recycling challenge to face. Tyre recycling is a global issue. In Ecuador, the management process is run by SEGINUS.

Increasingly, tyre recycling is becoming a “must have” industry around the world. Without tyre recycling the world is simply storing up huge problems for the future. There is a focus in the media on North America and Europe, but the reality is that every nation eventually comes to the realisation that it needs to manage its waste, and that waste has a potential value to the economy.


Oman starts to get to grips with its large tyre dumps at Barka and Sur. Find out more about this article on Tyre & Rubber Recycling

Continental to use recycled PET bottles in tyres from 2022. Discover more about Continental's tyre recycling approach.

The latest edition of Tyre & Rubber Recycling is now available for viewing and download, and as usual the magazine is full of stories from around the world about the tyre recycling sector.

Since November 2020, the Kuwaiti Environment Public Authority (EPA) has made extensive efforts to end the more than 30-year-old crisis of indiscriminately storing old vehicles tyres in the desert of Kuwait, particularly in the Jahra governorate. The more than 52 million tyres are the most prominent obstacle to a huge housing project which the state seeks to implement in the suburb of southern Saad Al- Abdullah.


Tyre Stewardship Australia grows to nine importer members. Click here to read the full story.

Eagle International has been known in the tyre recycling world for decades as a leading authority authority on hydraulic tyre shears and off-the-road (OTR) tyre downsizing. Now, Eagle has announced its first machine capable of producing rubber mulch. The Eagle Edge 360 is designed to remove high-quality mulch from the treads and sidewalls of OTR tyres ranging in sizes from 33-inch through 63-inch rim size.


Greentec 3R has announced the grand opening of a new tyre recycling plant, located in Villa Nueva, Guatemala.

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