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Rubberised asphalt is starting to make an impact in Italy. Visit The Tyre & Rubber Recycling website to read about rubberised asphalt.

Episode 17 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast closes out 2020 with Evgeni Grozev, Director of Pyro One sitting down with Ewan Scott to discuss their pyrolysis project in Rotterdam.

Enviro and Michelin agree on key principles for a strategic partnership that puts pyrolysis square in the headlights of the tyre industry


TIA Council Creates Tyre Recycling Glossary aimed at ensuring that everyone speaks the same language in tyre terms

TSA launches new "My Tyres My Choice' consumer campaign. Click here to read more stories about the TSA.

Good News for 2021 as tyre recyclers move into beer brewing

Pyro One installs fully tested pyrolysis plant in Rotterdam for 2021 production

Rory Hughes, engineer at IRR wins a UK Lifetime Achievement Award

In Episode 16 of the Tyre Recycling Podcast, we speak with Fabio Pisani from Recircle Awards Nominee E-Cova about their solid tyre buffing equipment.

E-Cova moves on to the second stage of the Recircle Awards. 

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