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TRAC Rubber Recycling Symposium is now available with the event due to take place on the 7th and 8th of November in Canada.

Black Bear secures 11 million Euro to fnd further commercialisation of its tyre pyrolysis operations. Click here to read more about this story.

The Israeli Supreme Court has ordered the demolition of a charity funded tyre school.

Saarbrucken city council was driven to clear an abandoned tyre site in Dudweiler of a large amount of tyres that had been collected and abandoned.

Lancaster firm, Carbon Grid Ltd. has been fined for an illegal recycling operation. Click here to read more.

California has been trying for fourth time to develop tyre recycling fees and targets.

New Zealand starts new tyre recycling study despite a ready option being available. Click here to read more.

UK recyclers to face export restrictions as destination markets regulate their own waste.

Australia's EPA take man responsible for Stawell tyre dump to court. Further charges are anticipated to recoup clean up costs.

Manitoba's Ministry of Sustainable Development has approved Tire Stewardship Manitoba's five-year plan for scrap tyre management.

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