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ETRA Conference looks at new market partnerships after 2020: Overcoming the Obstacles

Bunting takes membership of the British Metals Recycling Association. Growth of the magnetics company continues apace.

New Zealand tyre recovery and recycling remain a problem poorly handled by the government. Critics claim that money has been wasted on ill-thought-out projects.

Green Distillation Technology and CarbonScape nominated for an Environmental Achievement Award. The winners will be announced at Tire Tech International.

Silicone treatment could offer a low-cost, efficient recovery of SBR rubber materials. The process needs refinement and research into new markets

Bunting expands its Redditch site as it eyes a growing European market for magnetic separation.

A Landowner has foot the bill for clearing a tyre dump, as Natural Resources Wales forced the individual to clear the site at his own expense.


Atlantis Carbon Black is the latest move for Chris Twigg, one of the world’s leading tyre pyrolysis researchers. The new operation will bring a professional process to the South African market.

BIR updates its Internet presence to improve communications with industry and government. The site now has enhanced navigation for mobile devices.

India’s NGT acts to have pyrolysis processes assessed for environmental impact. Batch processes to come under scrutiny in the next four months.

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