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Germany launches an online forum for tyre recycling development

UK’S only continuous pyrolysis plant offers wealth of opportunities to rubber manufacturers

Green Distillation Technologies, which has been promoting the development of its pyrolysis project to produce steel, oil and pyrolysis black, has now joined the race to produce hydrogen.

Libya steps up tyre recycling efforts with a new plant in Benghazi

Michelin has announced it is to co-ordinate a new tyre recycling project, which will unite 7 industrial partners, 5 Research & Technological Organizations (RTOs) and an innovation cluster into a European consortium in 5 countries.

Enviro looks to get a greater return on pyrolysis oil as the market grows

Divers in a British Columbia town fear that dumped tyres are threatening the existence of local crabs

Indian Court releases baled tyres despite flawed document description

Confusion over Exempt sites allowances in England and Wales – The EA responds unequivocally

Episode 8 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast is live on our YouTube channel now

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