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ECO Green Equipment’s tyre recycling machine yields 50% more crumb rubber with less power

Bradford politicians demand investigation into the Bradford tyre fire and the Environment Agency’s lack of action

Tyre & Rubber Recycling contributor Ewan Scott sits down with Ecopneus CEO Giovanni Corbetta in Episode 20 of the Tyre Recycling Podcast. Rubberised asphalt is the focal point, as the two discuss the development of this sustainable practice in Italy.

Italian tyre recycling solutions manufacturer Salvadori Srl is announces U.S. patent for their new mining tyre shears MT-REX

Five of JK Tyre’s manufacturing locations were recognised with the Zero Waste certification by The British Standards Institution (BSI)

The Rubbercon event takes place alternately in Europe, Asia and America. The ongoing pandemic has pushed the 2020 event into 2021 and it is now online.

One of the most challenging issues in recycling tyres in Australia is the logistical difficulties created by distances from arising point to recycling point. This is no more so the case than in Western Australia, where mining tyres have become a growing liability over the past years.

India faces a huge air pollution challenge, and hopes an auto scrappage scheme will help – tyre scrappage may follow

Carbon Craft Design, founded in 2019 by Mumbai-based Tejas Sidnal, is making carbon tiles from polluted air using a zero-waste process

Dutch trade association BOVAG has recently reminded importers to pay the recycling fee on imported tyres to avoid fines

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