Pakistan Customs Auction Abandoned Stock

In yet another example of how inappropriate trafficking of waste results in issues at destination countries, The Pakistan Customs Authorities are auctioning off waste and used equipment held at Port Qasim.

The range of abandoned goods is wide ranging but it includes a notable volume of waste wood, plastics, and in excess of 100 tonnes of end of life and part worn tyres. A small volume compared to the hundreds of containers reported in Port Klang and in Vietnamese ports, but nonetheless, another indicator that waste trafficking needs to be better monitored around the world. 

About the author

Ewan has been editor of Retreading Business since 2006 and of Tyre & Rubber Recycling since the magazine was founded. During this period he has become an expert on the global tyre recycling sector. He has many years' experience as an automotive journalist including a period at Tyres & Accessories.



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