Stawell Yard Becomes Political Football

Australia’s Stawell tyre dump is at the centre of a political row over the refusal of the Victoria state government to fund the removal of native vegetation that would allow the development of a tyre recycling plant.

Used Tyre Recycling Corporation chief executive Matthew Starr said a fee of $125,000 was needed to remove three hectares of native vegetation on the land adjacent to the stockpile.

Once the vegetation was cleared the land could be used to build a recycling plant. 

Ripon MP Louise Staley said the state government needed to urgently complete all outstanding administrative work and approvals holding the removal of the tyres back.

“The Stawell Used Tyre Recycling Corporation are ready and waiting for the green light to start recycling these tyres, instead they continue to be mucked around by an incompetent Andrews Government,” she said.

Shadow Minister for environment and emergency services Brad Battin said the state government needed to put a plan in place to remove Victoria’s biggest environmental hazard. 

“Just get on with it, work with the company, if you need to waive the fee, waive the fee, but this needs to happen not only for the environmental impact, but the safety impact,” he said.

Minister for energy, environment and climate change Lily D’Ambrosio denied claims the state government was delaying the recycling process. 

“The Andrews Labour government has put together a government working group, led by the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning, to actively assist the Used Tyre Recycling Corporation,” she said.

“Dr Starr has acknowledged that he has been provided with considerable assistance by both local and Victorian government agencies.”

Minister D’Ambrosio said the tyre yard continued to comply with Environment Protection Authority Victoria requirements set out in three notices issued to the company.


Source: Stawell Times

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