WasteLocate Tracks Illegal Waste in Australia

Australia’s New South Wales Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has been using its waste tracking packge WasteLocate to monitor the transfer and processing of end of life tyres.

Officers from the EPA used WasteLocate to discover that D&N Rubber refinery was unlawfully processing and storing waste tyres. The company was fine $15,000 as a result of the investigation.

EPA officers found that the manager of D&N Rubber Refinery was using an extinct company to log the waste tyre transfer on WasteLocate, when the tyres were in fact being delivered to a Smithfield site operated by D & N Rubber Refinery. 

EPA officers found that the facility had more than 65 tonnes of waste tyres at the premises, most of which had been processed into rubber crumbs, with around three tonnes of complete tyres stockpiled ready for processing.

EPA Waste Compliance Director Greg Sheehy said D&N Rubber had been issued the fine because they did not hold the appropriate environment protection licence to undertake waste tyre storage and processing activities.

“Environment protection licences are not just another piece of paperwork – they are crucial mechanisms the EPA uses to monitor waste activities in NSW,” Mr Sheehy said.

“The waste industry should know that the EPA is using WasteLocate, in combination with a number of other tools, to ensure problem wastes are dealt with appropriately.

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