Namibia's Ohorongo Cement to use TDF

Namibian cement company, Ohorongo Cement, is to consider using tyre-derived fuel (TDF) at its Sargberg plant in association with Metallurgical Research and Consulting CC (METRECO). TDF would be the fourth alternative fuel used at Sargberg, after the implementation of wood chips, charcoal fines, and refuse-derived fuels (RDF).

“The Sargberg plant is equipped to combust TDF with minimal risk to the environment, while utilising the energy reservoir contained in scrap tyres,” said Camillo Shalli of METRECO.

“With gas temperatures of up to 2000°C, the cement manufacturing process guarantees a complete combustion and destruction of all toxic substances, resulting in no harmful emissions and will not compromise the product quality,” added Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement.

METRECO will be responsible for collecting and processing the scrap tyres to produce a TDF that can be used by Ohorongo Cement as a substitute for coal. The partnership aims to “halt the practice of stockpiling, landfilling, and uncontrolled tyre burning as a waste disposal method in Namibia,” continued Shalli.

In addition to the environmental benefits of using waste tyres as a fuel in cement manufacturing – rather than allowing them to be landfilled or illegally dumped – there are benefits in terms of job creation, as well as in reducing CO2 emissions from the cement manufacturing process. There is also an economic benefit in terms of reducing Namibia’s trade balance.

(source:World Cement)

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