IRSG Moves to Consider End of Life Rubber

IRSG Salvatore Pinozzotto

The International Rubber Study Group has long been concerned with sustainability. In a discussion with the Secretary General Salvatore Pinizzotto, Tyre and Rubber Recycling heard how until recently the main focus of the IRSG had been on the sustainability in the natural rubber value chain.

Recycling on the table for discussion at IRSG

In particular the development and protection of rubber production, the development of the smallholdings and the plantations, to ensure ongoing rubber production in a sustainable manner.

However, Pinizzotto said that the IRSG had been taking a closer look at the issue of recycling and end of life tyres. It had discussed the subject at IRSG meetings recently the Group will collaborate with other organizations to share ideas and views on this topic.

At the IRSG panel meeting in Brussels in November, it will be addressed by a Russian representative on the subject of tyre recycling. However, it is good news that the IRSG is now paying attention to a huge issue facing the rubber industry and the global environment


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