Pyrolist Launches a Platform for the Pyrolysis Sector

Pyrolist create innovative marketing platform for the pyrolysis sector

Canadian website launches a trading platform for the pyrolysis sector.

Pyrolist offers a trading platform for the wider pyrolysis sector

The purpose of Pyrolist is simple: to connect all actors of the industry in a way that can benefit each and everyone, all across the globe. Pyrolist wants to empower entrepreneurs of the pyrolytic industry, get companies to thrive and increase the visibility of pyrolysis as a solution to recycle end-of-life materials that would be otherwise buried or forgotten.

Marketing Director Melissa Allaire-Leung said, “We are launching Pyrolist because we came to the realisation that there were no organisation, no platform on which producers, transformers, experts, engineers, technology developers, lawyers, etc etc. of pyrolytic products could advertise, interact and do business together directly. We made Pyrolist as a classified ads listing so that people can contact each other on the platform, discuss and come to understandings together.

“The way it works is simple: you need a membership (which has an annual fee), then you can search a product or service by category. When you find something that is interesting to you, you can directly contact the seller through the messaging system for any inquiries whatsoever. You can also post your products or services, which have a fee for a certain amount of time, and then have people interested in what you have to offer message you through the website.

“The website does not include a method of payment for the moment because of liability reasons, but we are working on including one in the future.  We're hoping to include anyone who is involved in the industry, biochar/black carbon, oil, wood vinegar producers as well as biomass/plastic/tyre supplier, packaging and storage services, transportation, legal advice, experts, technology reps, secondary products manufacturer(containing pyrolytic product), researchers, brokers, and anything else you can think of that is by close or far related to pyrolysis, torrefaction and gassification. 

“Because we are launching this week, we are inviting everyone who would like to join Pyrolist to post their products and services for free (until the 17th February). We have also decided to make the memberships free (for a whole year) when individuals register before the end of February.”

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