Qatar Sees Recycling Awareness Initiative

tyre recycling in Qatar
Qatar programme helps develop recycling awareness

Developing public awareness of tyre recyclingin Qatar is part of the fight to improve recycling rates.

Qatar starts building recycling awareness for long term benefits

Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) represented by the National Program for the Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed) recently launched a new initiative to create a culture of reusing discarded tyres. 

Kahramaa targets to reduce carbon emissions by seven percent by 2022. Under the initiative, residents will be encouraged to reuse waste tyres for decoration, plantation and sport activities.   

Kahramaa organised a full-day event at the Kahramaa Awareness Park (KAP) to create awareness among environmentally-friendly communities and stakeholders around the recycling of vehicle tyres, its mechanism, process, health hazards and environmental concerns among other issues.

The event with the theme ‘Old Tyres New Life’ was attended by the Kahramaa’s Tarsheed Department Manager Abdul Azeez Al Hammadi and Public Relations & Communication Manager Mohamed Ali Saleh Al Mohannadi. Over 700 children from government and private schools attended the event.

“The initiative aims at reusing the discarded tyres as art works for decoration, planting flowers and vegetables and in sport activities,” Fatima Al Mesnad, Head of the Community Awareness and Development at Kahramaa said. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness and encourage wider recycling.

 “We are working to create awareness among the community,” said Al Mesnad. “A household can reuse four to eight waste tyres in said purpose to avoid recycling process of burning. The initiative targeted all segments of the society giving them at least three ideas to reuse the old tyres,”.

The recycling awareness event was aimed at promoting a culture of sustainability to reduce carbon emissions and engaging the private sector in national initiatives, which in turn reflect efforts to achieve Qatar’s vision. The participants were learned about the entire process of tyre’ recycling and its ways and means to help Qatar achieve its environmental mission as envisaged in Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030. 

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