Recytyre Continues to Grow Recycling in Belgium

Ag tyre colection grows
Collected old tyres eventually get a new life. Last year the agricultural sector collected 4,597 tons

In 2018, 86,575 tonnes of ELT were collected in Belgium, compared to 83,703 tonnes in 2017. More than 95% of the tyres were recycled in a valuable way, according to the annual report from Recytyre, the waste management body in Belgium.


Recytyre Shows Annual Improvement of Tyre Recycling in Belgium

Bruno Cession, chairman of Recytyre, states in the preface to the annual report that the objectives and legal requirements were amply exceeded. "Since the foundation of Recytyre, more than 1 billion kilograms of old tyres have been collected and processed," he writes.

Within the agricultural sector we see a nice upward trend in collection. In 2018 no less than 4,597 tons were collected, in 2017 this was 4,402 tons. Ten years ago, this was "only" 2,897 tons. In the annual report we also read that the agricultural sector accounts for 5.3% of the total collected volume.

Of the tyres collected, 96.40% have been recycled into rubber granulate, with a view to reuse or tread renewal, for quay walls or for the steel industry. According to Belgian law, this valuable reuse must be at least 55% of the output. The remainder was used for energy generation in the cement industry, among others.





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