Black Bear Carbon Looking at Rotterdam

Black Bear Carbon

Rotterdam is the preferred location for new rCB plant of Black Bear Carbon in The Netherlands with confirmation expected in December.

Black Bear Carbon in Talks with Rotterdam Port

Black Bear Carbon prefers the Port of Rotterdam for its next tyre pyrolysis plant in The Netherlands. Black Bear Carbon and Port of Rotterdam Authority will collaboratively review the technical and financial details of cooperation and establishment of the project.

Together with both local and national partners, the funding is being arranged.

Over recent months, Black Bear Carbon, a leading company in recovering high-quality carbon black (rCB) from end-of-life tyres, explored multiple locations in the Netherlands for a new tyre-carbonisation plant. This plant will decompose granulate from end-of-life tyres into carbon black, pyrolysis oil and gas. After an extensive process of evaluation and careful consideration, Black Bear Carbon’s preference for developing its next plant goes to the Port of Rotterdam.

Over the coming weeks, Black Bear Carbon and the Port of Rotterdam Authority will collaboratively review the technical and financial details of the cooperation and establishment of the project. The aim is for confirmation on their collaboration in early December and to proceed with the timely realisation of the ‘Recovered Carbon Black Nederland’ project in Rotterdam.

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