Baled Tyres Dumped in Bradford

Baled tyres usually get dumped in India - Here, someone cut out all the transport costs!

A slightly unusual case of tyre dumping in Bradford has raised some eyebrows

Baled Tyres Dumped in Bradford Street

Bradford Councillor Ralph Berry has reported a large volume of tyres dumped in Shipley. After the tyre fire in the city, Bradford is a little sensitised to tyre dumps.

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus says that; “huge heaps of tyres could be seen piled around the area, along with a nearby trailer.” An estimate based on the photographic evidence suggests around 130 bales of tyres have been dumped on the road and land at the site on Ashley Lane.

Tyre and Rubber Recycling spoke with Councillor Ralph Berry who reported the incident and he said that he had seen tyres dumped before, but nothing on this scale. It was the first time that he had seen baled tyres.

The matter is in the hands of Bradford Environmental Health, and they are issuing enforcement notices, although it is not clear at this stage who those enforcement notices might be issued to. One contact tells us that enforcement notices can be issued to all neighbours to the dump site.

The tyres are largely truck tyres, and there appear to be between 50 and 60 bales of them, neatly stacked on the roadside. With another 60 – 70 on land adjacent to a local works. One photograph shows what appears to be an abandoned fork-lift truck adjacent to the tyres.

There is a tyre related trail though, Tyre and Rubber Recycling discovered that a previous occupant of premises on Ashley Lane was Elysium Energy Services Ltd. (dissolved 2016).   There is obviously more to this story but it would be incorrect to publish until the authorities have done their duty.

Image: Telegraph and Argus

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