Rubberised Ashpalt for Manteca in California

Local Roads in California

Deteriorating road surfaces in Manteca’s Springtime Estates neighbourhood are to be repaired this year with a rubberised asphalt topcoat. This will make the roads smoother and quieter, and hopefully more resistant to heat damage. This is part of a $2.5 million project to rebuild streets in the area.

Manteca, California to get Rubberised Asphalt Roads

The asphalt/tyre mix is being made possible by a $350,000 Cal Recycle grant. The city has applied the crushed rubber pavement mix in the past to resurface city streets.

The first streets to go with the rubber chip seal mixture was in 2008.

The use of the mixture of recycled tyres and has a life just as long – if not longer – than asphalt. It also costs less if the city secures the grant for the use of tyres in the resurfacing material.

Studies have shown the 20 per cent tyre rubber mixture combined with liquid asphalt also is reducing vehicle noise by as much as four decibels. Research cited by the Arizona Department of Transportation shows reduction in noise levels of 50 to 75 per cent is commonly attained.

Arizona transportation officials have also noted that the rubber overlay is more durable and skid-resistant than conventional asphalt plus provides a smoother ride.

A one-inch rubberised asphalt concrete chip seal uses about 1,500 tyres per lane mile of paving.

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