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Greentec 3R has announced the grand opening of a new tyre recycling plant, located in Villa Nueva, Guatemala.

Greentec 3R Opens Guatemalan Recycling Plant

The plant is a fully integrated recycling facility that collects waste tyres and produces products from 100 per cent recycled material.

The priority of this project was to purchase equipment from Eco Green Equipment, which has some of the highest quality, modern design, and innovative technology in the recycling industry. Eco Green Equipment is designed with a 100 per cent mechanical process, avoiding the use of chemicals that generate emissions or pollutants. Greentec 3R also added Eco Green’s latest technology, the Hydraulic Press for moulded products and the ECO Colorizer.

The purchase of this equipment allows Greentec 3R to separate the rubber from steel, and fibre from tyres and use both materials to produce value added recycled products. Greentec 3R will target products that will be supplied to the traffic and safety, construction, fitness, playground, outdoor furniture, and planter industries.

Greentec 3R is the most modern, innovative, and largest tyre recycling plant in the country. This plant has the capacity to recycle all waste tyre arisings in Guatemala. Greentec 3R’s mission is to reinvent the tyre recycling industry by manufacturing new moulded products, raising awareness of environmental sustainability and improving the quality of life for the citizens of Guatemala.

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