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Tyre dumping is a universal problem, and there have been many solutions tried around the world. However, tyre dumping persists as it is “easy money” for criminals to take a collection fee and then dump the tyres, or even for garages to simply dump their waste.

Tyre Tags to Solve Flytipping?

However, West Mercia Police has launched a regional scheme to tag tyres at the garages and fitters when they are removed from vehicles.

“Incidents of illegal dumping have increased significantly in the past 18 months,” said PC Phil Nock, rural business crime officer for Shropshire and West Mercia Police.

“We’ve been working alongside landowners to get to the bottom of the issues affecting them and others in the area for some time now.

“We’re pleased to be at a point where we can announce our brand-new, game-changing scheme.”

The Tyr Tagging schemee will mean all garages in Shropshire and the surrounding areas will be asked to ‘tag’ their tyres, so that when they dispose of them there is a trace.

If the tyre is then found dumped, it can be traced back to the garage it originated from, meaning police will be able to find out how it was disposed of.

The scheme is free, it is cheaper to tag the tyres than recover them from the countryside. The Police will provide the garages and fitters with all they need to tag the tyres at no cost to their business.

Fly-tippers illegally dumping tyres can face five years in prison, unlimited fines and confiscation of profits.

PC Nock that hopes the scheme can be rolled out to help combat the issue in other areas too.

Source: Shropshire Star

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