Tyromer Appear in Episode 21 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast

In Episode 21 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast, we speak with Jon Visiasouk from Tyromer in Canada and Jos van Son, Managing Director of Tyromer Europe's latest devulcanisation project based in Arnhem.

Tyre Recycling Podcast Releases Episode 21

Ewan Scott and Richard Wilson also dove into the upcoming episodes that are in the works for the Tyre Recycling Podcast, including some highly requested interviewees.


00:00​ Introduction to Episode 21 of the Tyre Recycling Podcast

02:38​ Jon Visiasouk introduces us to Tyromer and its origins

04:46 Tyromer's European expansion; tyre recycling plant established in Arnhem

08:03 Jos van Son sheds light on Tyromer's position in the rubber production market

09:01 Tyromer's expert response to ECHA's ban on micro-plastics

10:55​ Feedstock source specifications: end-of-life tyres

12:38 The game-changer: Tyromer kicks off devulcanisation project

15:02 "Why Arnhem in the Netherlands?"

17:44 Dissecting sustainable solutions in the rubber industry

20:50 Scrap tyres in the Circular Economy - "It's a team effort"

22:22 Tyromer's tyre recycling plant opening in Arnhem

23:59 Conclusion to Episode 21 of the Tyre Recycling Podcast

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