Another Bradford Tyre Fire

At this stage there is no known cause for the Old Maggoit Farm blaze, but the EA are investigating

Yet another tyre related incident in Bradford

Tyre Fire at Bradford Farm

Firefighters were called to a fire at a tyre storage facility at Old Maggot Farm, Knottingly, outside Bradford in the early hours of New Years Day.

Images show three piles of tyres on fire at the T8 Exemption site run by Brian Brady, who registered the current T8 Exemption only last year. The T8 is for mechanical treatment of waste tyres. NB There is no inference of wrongdoing here.

At this stage there is no news of the cause or of any breaches of regulations, but the Environment Agency are investigating the incident and monitoring the impact of the fire on the water quality in the nearby River Aire.

The Bradford area appears to have more than its fair share of tyre related incidents, one has to ask if it is bad luck, or something else?

T8 Exemptions - These can be readily obtained and there are no fees associated with gaining an exemption, though operstors are expected to work withing the rules set by the Environment Agency.

As has often been discusses, as there are no fees involved, there is no income related to the oversight of these Exempt sites (and there are many Exemptions available to many industries), so it is rare that an Exempt site is visited by the EA unless a complaint is made, or there has been an incident. The wider industry of Permitted operators has long requested that the Environment Agency and DEFRA remove that T8 Exemption.

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