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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector


EHCA : Europe May Increase REACH Restrictions on PAH

The 24th ETRA Conference, Kirsi Sihvonen, from EHCA Risk Management Implementation made a presentation on the European report on the impact of crumb rubber granulate on human health.

Important Discussion on EHCA Report Results

As previously reported, The EHCA has stated that there is a very low level of risk – which is good news. However, it is, according to Sihvonen, possible that the EHCA may call for tighter restrictions on PAH in the future. That will not increase the risk level, but it will send out a mixed message about the “all clear” being given. So, whilst the “very low level of risk” is positive, the signal that restrictions could be tightened raises the spectre of doubt once again.