The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector


Recycled Tyres Improve Music Quality

The modernisation of the Sale Gavazzeni at the Toscanini Auditorium in Parma, Italy, has seen the sound quality of the hall improved thanss t the use of tyre derived sound insylation panels

The Superintendent of the Toscanini Foundation, Maestro Ferrari said, “we have shown that in Italy it is possible to create beautiful, useful and sustainable works both environmentally and economically”
Ecopneus, Genesis and Studio A + CArchitettura and Città carried out the important acoustic intervention in the Sala Gavazzeni, through the insertion of sound-absorbing panels from recycled rubber.
 Ferrari commented, “The music interacts with the environment in which it is produced and it is integrated, but it does not tolerate interference: it is necessary that every environment from an acoustic point of view constitutes a closed system. If this is true for an auditorium, it is even more in the case of a rehearsal room, where the conductor must be able to grasp every little detail of what happens in the orchestral complex while he rehearses.

“From the experience of our acoustic architects and engineers, it turned out that insulation with the recycled rubber panels would have given a precise and perfect answer to our needs,” said the Superintendent of the Toscanini Foundation. “And from the experience of these initial months of operation of the rehearsal room, we can say that the expectations have been met: we have shown that it is possible to create beautiful, useful and sustainable works, both environmentally and economically”.
The characteristics of elasticity, resistance and sound absorption make tyre rubber an excellent material for limiting the transmission of noise and vibrations in buildings. The granule and the rubber powder obtained from ELTs, are the materials most commonly used in the building sector. Linked with polyurethanes or other thermoplastic materials they constitute real “building blocks” of high performance elements for soundproofing and vibration damping.