The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Australia’s RPM Automotive Group Invests in Multiple Facilities

Melbourne-based RPM Automotive Group Limited is entering the tyre recycling business to leverage its existing tyre wholesale platform by implementing a tyre recycling strategy

“We have the required infrastructure to enter the recycling business, such as location, manpower, trucks for reverse logistics i.e., trucks deliver new tyres to customers, collects and return with end-of-life tyres,” explained Clive Finkelstein, Co-Founder and Promoter of RPM Automotive Group in an interaction with Tyre and Rubber Recycling at the IRE 2024 at Mumbai.

The company believes the move is fulfilling the social responsibility of protecting the environment, and beyond that, identifying opportunities in the end-of-life-tyre.

Setting up multiple tyre recycling facilities across Australia

Located all over Australia, but with head office in Dandenong South in the Melbourne suburbs, RPM earmarked an ambitious investment for the tyre recycling venture. “We are serious about our tyre recycling programme and are prepared to invest in it over the next three to five years.”

The company believes its tyre recycling programme will be a profitable, sustainable business, with ever-growing opportunities supported by government grants, besides, it compliments existing supply chain model. The project shares the existing resources, infrastructure and occupancy operates under the RPM’s wholesale tyre division.

On when the plant would be functional, Finkelstein indicated, “The first line will hopefully be operational by the end of August.” It has plans to process in excess of 9,000 tons of end-of-life tyres initially.

Procuring high-capacity primary shredder from India

Clive Finkelstein along with Joe De Sensi, General Manager, RPM’s Tyre Division, attending the India Rubber Expo on the invitation of recycling machinery manufacturer Fornnax Technology. The Australian company is now among its increasing customer base in the overseas market. The high-capacity primary shredder SR-200 HD launched by Fornnax Technology at the IRE 2024 is scheduled for the RPM Automotive Group.

RPM Automotive Group with its combined entities have been in the business for last two decades. The diversified group is engaged in the import, wholesale, and retail of tyres across Australia. “We have annual sales of around 360,000 tyres through our retail and wholesale platforms,” remarked Joe De Sensi.

Group company, RPM Autoparts is an importer and wholesaler of Truck and Bus Radials, Passenger Car, & OTR tyres, with exclusive distribution of specifically Chinese brands like Longmarch, Jinyu, A-Plus, Sailun and Tianli. While it also engages in secondary distribution of Goodyear and Yokohama.

When asked why the focus is on the East Coast of Australia, Joe De Sensi explained, “Australia is a big country and it is difficult to have a presence all over the country therefore the focus is on the East Coast, where most of the Australian population is concentrated. We are also planning to start distribution network in Adelaide in South and Perth in the West soon.”