The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

India’s Fornnax Investing INR 1 Billion in Manufacturing Site

Fornnax Technology has acquired 23 acre of land parcel for a new facility. The move is in line with company’s growing footprints in the domestic and overseas market

“We have acquired 23 acre plot in Ahmedabad for the upcoming facility, which is going to be one of the biggest tyre recycling machinery manufacturing site in the world,” informed Jignesh Kundaria, Managing Director, Fornnax Technology in an exclusive interaction with Tyre and Rubber Recycling at India Rubber Expo (IRE) in Mumbai.

The upcoming site will emerge as worlds’ biggest shredding and recycling machinery manufacturing site. “The new site, which should be functional by March 2025, will focus on the production of high-capacity recycling machinery having application in tyre, municipal waste and metal.”

The investment in new site is line with Fornnax Technology’s growing commitments in the domestic and international market and the company is not finding it possible to expand at the current location. When asked about investment in the upcoming site, he confided, “The new site entails an investment of INR 1 billion in land and equipment.”

Debut upgraded variant of primary shredder SR-200 HD at IRE 2024

Fornnax Technology continues to expand its portfolio of high capacity lines and debuted an upgraded variant of primary shredder. The company unveiled a high capacity version of SR-200 HD at the inaugural day of the ongoing IRE 2024 at the Bombay Exhibition Center. Designed primarily for tyre shredding applications, SR-200 HD can also be utilised for high-volume municipal solid waste, wood pallets, industrial and commercial waste.

The new HD (heavy duty) primary shredder of SR series is more powerful compared to existing standard version introduced four years ago. “The upgraded model has single-pass capacity of up to 25 tons per hour and targeted at sites with 25 ton per hour capacity. The capacity of new variant has been hiked by 40 per cent with only a marginal increase in power consumption,” he explained. The SR-200 HD is a single-line system that delivers high output equivalent to 3-4 smaller lines. The HD model is priced 10 per cent more compared to the standard model but improved capacity by 30 per cent.

The model provides higher capacity due to its high RPM and torque, resulting in less man-power, power consumption and wear costs. “We are aware of rising power costs in operating high capacity recycling lines, therefore, our focus was on improving performance with low power consumption.”

The price of the new line is pegged comparatively low and offers much higher production capacity. The standard variant will not be phased out and continues to be the part of the increasing size of portfolio.

Primary Shredder now available in multiple options

The shredder comes has robust cutting chamber design, the slow-speed shafts, produce up to 200,000 Nm of torque, allowing SR-200 HD to operate with most challenging materials. The quick shaft change system, enables end user to switch from working in one application to another.

The model is available in multiple options, such as the SR-200 with disc classifier to provide 60 to 150 mm output sizes to feed downstream equipment. While model with a trommel screen provides output sizes of 60-80 mm, which is called TDF (tyre derived fuel) alternate fuel for the cement industry. And SR-200 HD without a screen produces output sizes up to 400 mm, called single pass rough shreds. Due to the design of 750 mm diameter knives and a larger shaft centre, the line provides more discharge space to process bulky and high-thickness materials such as agricultural tyres, truck tyres and OTR tyres

Pre-launch bookings from Australia, Poland & Bulgaria

Fornnax Technology has already booked six pre-launch orders from new and existing customers. The model launched at the IRE has already been sold to a Melbourne based company entering the tyre recycling vertical shortly. The SR-200 HD will also be functional by June in two companies based Poland and Bulgaria.

While the high capacity 4000 HD model launched during IFAT continues to swell its order book. The model received 12 bookings in the current fiscal with half of the installations booked from its growing global clientele.

Turnover grown by 40%

The Gujarat based company continues to achieve new milestones in terms of growth and turnover. “We are expecting to cross INR 1 Billion by the end of the ongoing fiscal ending in March, grown by almost 40% over the previous fiscal,” said Kundaria.