The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Chetan Joshi Recycling Ventures Expand in Australia & India

Indian recyclers continue to invest into tyre recycling verticals, expanding the existing capacities as well as setting-up new plants

With increasing demand for tyre shred in the domestic market, Indian recyclers are setting up tyre recycling units overseas, collect tyres, recycle them into shreds and ship them to India for further value addition.

India is the largest importer of scrap tyres globally and considerable volumes of scrap tyres are imported from Australia. Chetan Joshi-backed Tyre Collection Australia started in 2018 in Melbourne is also engaged in tyre recycling.

“We are installing second line at the Melbourne site to hike the tyre recycling capacity by three-times,” said Chetan Joshi, Managing Director, Tyre Collection Australia at the India Rubber Expo 2024 at Mumbai.

Currently, the Australian plant is functional on an SR-150 supplied by Fornnax Technology, with a capacity of ten tons per hour. “We are ordering a second primary shredder SR-200 HD, launched at IRE 2024, with a tyre shredding capacity of 25 ton per hour. Once the new line is functional, the capacity will be expanded by three-times to 35 ton per hour.” The high-capacity model enables the recycling of truck tyres.

Investment of  $2 million in Chittoor plant

Interestingly, Chetan Joshi, who is also a Chairperson of Maya Greentech is investing in a new tyre recycling plant in Southern part of India. “We are setting-up a new recycling plant with an investment of about $2 million, on a 7 acre plot at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. The new plant will be functional by the middle of 2024.”

The upcoming Chittoor site will be installed with two Fornnax Technology R-4000 HD secondary shredders. The Australian plant is functional on primary shredders. “The new plant imports tyre shreds from Australian plant for further value addition like downsizing to crumb,” informed Vineet Reddy, a partner in the Chittoor based tyre recycling venture and a founding member in Maya Greentech. The Chittoor based unit is registered as Maya Recyclage Pvt Ltd.

The strategy of hiking capacity in Australia and investing in new plant in India is to connect the Chittoor plant with supplies from Tyre Collection Australia. After recycling in Australia, the recycled shreds will be shipped to the Chittoor plant for further processing. Indian companies are taking advantage of expanding opportunities in the domestic market and increasing demand for tyre recycling in Australia.