The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Enviro Involved in Chile’s New PR Law

Chile was the first country in Latin America to pass a recycling law that extended producer responsibility in six different key areas, of which waste tyres are one. Thanks to its very long and committed presence on the Chilean market, Enviro is now involved in the introduction of the new law.

Enviro’s expertise in tyre recycling is a great contribution to Chile’s efforts to introduce the producer responsibility legislation. We are working together with the Ministry of the Environment and a number of the country’s mining companies from which the tyres come. The aim is to establish recycling facilities to solve the environmental problem caused by Chile’s enormous numbers of waste tyres,” says Carlos Aviles, Enviro’s representative in Chile.

Chile is one of the world’s biggest markets in mining, an industry that uses enormous numbers of tyres, which over time have become a major environmental problem. According to Carlos Aviles, the new law on producer responsibility will be fully implemented by June 2017 and will officially come into force in 2018.

“The Chilean Ministry of the Environment has the express intention of solving the problem caused by the country’s large numbers of waste tyres, and Enviro’s solution will play a major, important role. The project support amounting to SEK 1 million that Enviro received shows that the authorities have faith in our solution,” says Carlos Aviles.

“There is great potential for Enviro’s technology in Chile and elsewhere in South America. Countries such as Peru, Brazil and Colombia also have a great need for viable tyre recycling. Once we have established the first recycling plant, we can showcase the operation and how it works to other countries and operators, and that is our target right now,” says Thomas Sörensson, Enviro’s CEO.