The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Jornadas de Reciclaje at the SLTC Conference in Lima 2023

Jornadas de Reciclaje are three days of presentation and discussion on recycling focused on the Latin American market

The event opens on the 20th September with the conventional introduction and overview of the industry. Which is followed by a visit to a local recycling operation to highlight the reality of tyre recycling. This conference is a window into the growing tyre recycling sector in Latin America and gives suppliers, producers, technicians and legislators an opportunity to learn about the wider developments, challenges and opportunities offered by this incredibly important recycling sector.

The afternoon sessions discuss tyres in the circular economy and the reuse of tyres and other polymers. Reverse logistics are discussed as a model for tyre collection, something that is a real option in many Latin American countries where long distances see new tyres being delivered, and a need for a return load, so reverse logistics has some real potential in the Latin markets.

Grace Collantes presents on the Ecuadorian EPR association CEREP. Martin von Wolfersdorff gives updates on the latest state of play in the tyre pyrolysis sector. A final session on day one focuses on retreading with a presentation from Eduardo Acosta, General Manager of Neumaservicio Ltda, and President of the Asociación de Recauchadores y Renovadores de Neumáticos de Chile (ARNEC).

Day two Kicks off with an update on the Chilean EPR scheme from José Browne Löpez. This is followed by discussions on the use of tyre-derived fuel in cement plants, which remains a key outlet for tyre arisings. Then, further discussion on the characterisation of recycled rubber and the outcomes of research into tyre pyrolysis oil and its potential in the market.

The second-morning session hears from SIGNUS’ Gabreal Leal on finances and establishing eco-tariffs. This is accompanied by presentations from Ecotr and Precimeca.

Rubberised asphalt is considered one of the best non-back-to-rubber outcomes for recycling and the Jornados Reciclaje have dedicated a full afternoon to presentations discussing the technical and real challenges that the rubberised asphalt technology faces with presentations from experts across the sector discussing technologies, applications, modifiers and real-life experiences of the benefits of rubberised asphalt.

The final sessions on the third day cover the valorisation of tyres in cement kilns, new asphalt technology using pyrolysis char, and tools for developing the circular economy.

Michelin will discuss the development of Neuma Peru and Jacinto Monserrate will present on SEGINUS, Ecuador’s leading tyre EPR scheme.

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