The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Ecopneus Returns to The Festival of Sport in Trento

Once again, Ecopneus, a Sustainability Partner of the Festival, brought to Trento all the innovation of Tyrefield sports surfaces made with recycled rubber from End-of-Life Tyres: a solution that guarantees performance and a safe and sustainable gaming experience.

A novelty of the festival’s fifth edition was the Tyrefield athletics track made with recycled rubber, which hosted numerous events.

The Trento Sports Festival, held over the 22-25 September, was tinged with “green” thanks to the contribution of Ecopneus, the non-profit company which is the main EPR agency in Italy. For the fifth consecutive year, Ecopneus, Sustainability Partner of the Festival, brought to Trento the innovative Tyrefield flooring for athletics, basketball, padel and volleyball, made with recycled rubber from End of Life Tyres. A solution increasingly appreciated by athletes and professionals in the sector, able to combine champion performance with the sustainability of sports facilities and which finds application in numerous sports disciplines.

Thanks to the recycled rubber of ELTs, it is possible to create playgrounds that allow optimal performance and playability, anti-shock protection for athletes, resistance to all weather conditions, designed and studied for every sport, from basketball to football, from volleyball to padel, from horse riding to athletics, the Olympic discipline that earned Italy five golds during last year’s Tokyo Olympic Games.

The Tyrefield athletics track in recycled rubber was created in collaboration with Casali Sport, a leading company in Italy in indoor and outdoor sports flooring systems. An innovative and constantly evolving technology; new studies are currently underway to create a new surface consisting of a recycled rubber carpet with an innovative design that from the first tests, conducted by the international expert of Biomechanics Prof. Mauro Testa in collaboration with Fidal Marche, has shown excellent characteristics, ensuring high performance and protection of the athlete against injuries, so much so that it is being studied for approval by FIDAL – Italian Athletics Federation.

The secret ingredient of the playing fields was the recycled rubber of End-of-Life Tyres, a precious and eco-friendly material from which sports surfaces that are appreciated at the highest levels are obtained. In the Tyrefield sports surfaces brought to the Festival, such as those for padel and athletics made by Casali Sport, recycled rubber is used as an elastic mat laid on the foundations, on which fillers and synthetic resins are then applied to form the external surface, characterised by adequate adherence to the intended sporting discipline. The versatility of this solution allows the creation of surfaces with an innovative design, with specific characteristics depending on the particular discipline and intended use, whether for professional athletes, leisure, amateur or school sports.