The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Pyrum Develops Dillingen Site

Pyrum has begun expanding the production capacity of its pyrolysis plant at the company’s headquarters in Dillingen/Saar.

Pyrum Innovations AG Invests in Extending its Plant in Dillingen

So far, the plant consists of one production line, which has been operating on an industrial scale since May 2020, producing pyrolysis oil, recovered carbon black and pyrolysis gas from more than 7,000 tons of end-of-life tyres during this period.

The addition of two more production lines will triple the company’s processing capacity to approximately 20,000 tons of end-of-life tyres per year.

Excavation work for the foundations has already begun on the plant site. In addition, key components of the new plants have been ordered on a binding basis.

Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Innovations AG said; “With the ground-breaking for the new production lines, we are fully on track with our growth strategy and are making further progress towards a sustainable circular economy. The two new reactors will help us considerably to meet the high demand for our products from our partners, including BASF, Continental and Schwalbe.”

In addition to the existing pyrolysis reactor, two further towers of around 25 metres in height are being built.

Using Pyrum’s patented technology, the reactors convert rubber granulate from end-of-life tyres into pyrolysis oil, gas, and recovered Carbon Black (rCB), which in turn are used by Pyrum‘s customers as raw materials in the production of new products. The energy required for the process is generated from the recovered gas with the help of a connected combined heat and power plant, so that Pyrum‘s pyrolysis process is 100 per cent energy self-sufficient. Likewise, up to 98 per cent of the COemissions normally produced during the disposal of end-of-life tyres in a cement plant are saved. Pyrum’s goal is to make an important contribution to achieving a sustainable circular economy.